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This year we decided to hold a COLLABSPHERE 2019 BEAUTY CONTEST!

No, not THAT kind of beauty contest. We all know that applications driven by Notes templates are powerful, but admittedly they haven’t had a UI or functional makeover in a very long time.

The new HCL Nomad (Domino Mobile App) platform brings new power to your iPad, iPhone and soon Android devices by making Notes apps available to your mobile devices. However, these apps still don’t look good. Plus there is so much more we can do with Notes and Domino V10. In June HCL launched the HCL Design Project called "Template Experience" to transform and modernize select Notes templates. Following on this excellent lead, we have decided to present this contest!!

We will be choosing a Notes template shortly for contestants to redesign, beautify, modernize and provide an innovative user experience. Unleash the designer within you and show the world!

CollabSphere has joined forces with OpenNTF to encourage our community members to join in our effort to unleash the potential of Notes and Domino V10. All winning template designs will be added and highlighted on OpenNTF so that they can be shared with the community. Contributors will receive open badges by OpenNTF to recognize their contributions plus the below prizes.

If you have never contributed an open source project to OpenNTF before, fear not! It’s easy! Lots of community members have contributed over the years. Join forces with someone who has contributed in the past, or perhaps partner up with an IBM Champion/HCL Master. If you are a Champion/Master and/or former contributor to OpenNTF, offer to be a mentor to a team. We would really love to see contributions from people in the community who have not done so in the past. Everyone benefits when we share what we know!

CollabSphere Beauty Contest Notes Template

The CollabSphere Beauty contest template will be the ToDo template currently available This template currently does not have an Notes interface so use your imagination to create your submission. You can download the template from the link below.

Contest Rules and Regulations
  • All decisions are final and will be made by a panel of judges selected by CollabSphere and OpenNTF . OpenNTF and CollabSphere judges are not eligibility to participate in the contest.
  • Winning grand prize for each region is a $400 Amazon gift card or equilvalent if they are not available within your region
  • There will be 4 winning Grand prize, one for each geographic region
  • Contestants agree to license their submission under the Apache 2.0 License. Documentation regarding the license requirements can be found here
  • Contestants agree to allow CollabSphere and OpenNTF to publize their information and submission on their respective web site and social media
  • Contestants do not have to be present at the CollabSphere 2019 in order to win
  • CollabSphere reserve the rights to cancel the contest at any time

Submission judging will be based on a 100 point scale.

  • Design and layout - 30 points
  • Programming technique and tricks- 30 points
  • Color -10 points
  • Usability - 30 points

CollabSphere and OpenNTF would like to encourage collaboration among our community. Team submitters will receive an extra 10 points

The contest starts on July 26, 2019. You can submit your redesigned template on this site starting on Wednesday, August 14, 2019. The deadline for submission is: Sunday, September 29 at 11:59 pm EDT. So get ready and help create an awesome experience!

For inspiration, check out the Wine Tasting App contributed by Theo Heselmans at the HCL Factory Tour in 2018, when V10 was in Beta! (

This is a global contest. One winning team will be selected from each of the following regions, and we encourage localizing your template for your region and language.

  • Asia/Pacific
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe/Middle East

A panel of judges will review the template submissions, and the four winning teams will be announced during the Opening General Session of CollabSphere on October 29, 2019. Thanks to the help of OpenNTF, winners will receive an Amazon gift certificate (or equivalent if not available in your region) and a victory lap around the CollabSphere Opening Session ballroom if you are present. Practice your Queen Elizabeth wave. Sorry, no tiaras will be provided, but maybe beer.

If you would like to learn more about the HCL Design Project "Template Experience" to redesign the different templates, go to The HCL Design Team will be sharing their experience and gathering your feedback as part of CollabSphere 2019. So come to CollabSphere in October to participate in this experience.

If you want to share your code or learn more about OpenNTF, go to